Our Blend

Provides botanical products known to comprise:


which are succesfully used as an antifungal antioxidant & antistress agent exhibitting disease preventive properties that are both antibacterial and antifungal. The terpene of d’limonene is a solvent of cholesterol and it has been used to dissolve cholesterol containing gallstones. D’limonene has well established chemopreventive activity against many types of cancers. Evidence from a phase 1 clinical trial demonstrated a partial response in a patient of breast cancer and a stable disease effect for more than 6 months in 3 patients with colorectal cancer.


which are known to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. They have shown preventive effects against (cad) coronary arterial disease. Soy esters have caused an 11% reduction in triglycerides.


which have been used for years in cosmetic preparations and hair shampoos. They have also been known to regenerate brain cells.Coconut water is highly hydrating. It helps to move nutrients to organs.It will support weight loss and help sustain a healthy weight.It could prevent kidney stones and will support healthy skin.

L’atelier D’formulation Inc blends while Environpure Products Distributes, 4 hydrophobic and hydrophilic solutions which own the faculty of breaking the hydrocarbon molecules in dispersed water without affecting in any way your  inner organs if you swallow it or drink it regularly.

The 5 products L’Atelier D’Formulation blends are Major Might ,Germ Jolt, Tick- Put- Out The Germinator  and Toucher Soyeux.They consist solely of the enviropure formulations shown above.