Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute material’s laboratory

has proven the effectiveness of Major Might, of Germ Jolt, The Germinator and Tick-put Out in the break up of well bonded hydrocarbons like Hexane. Rensselaer has also demonstrated the ability of all 4 enviropure products to eliminate bacteria like viruses. Another enclosed certification from Resselaer shows that the blends L’atelier prepares always command identical compositions. An RPI certification is included to this effect. 

An aditional certification has been included for Tick-Put out

from the experimental station of the State of Connecticut showing that it’s protection from ticks is more effective than the one known from insecticides and is in no way hazardous.

Major might yields the following hydrocarbon content when

1 part of the enviropure product is applied to 10 parts of the hydrocarbon, and to 100 parts of water as analyzed by Spectrum Labs.

The reporting hydrocarbon content of the lubricants and lypids exposed to the EPA 3510 test are recorded in the table shown here.