Major might

Major Might was comissioned by the US Army in 2001 to convert used diesel into water and in doing so reduced the transportation costs of an used fuel container to 10 % of its cost.

Major Might breaks the fire triangle (heat, combustibles and oxygen)upon contact while extinguishing heat and flames concurrently. (see video of firemen touching the cool surface of the finished fire).

The amount of water being displace over the tires that are burning in the presence of gasoline,diesel and propane gas in the video can be reduce over the burning of wild fires.

The application of Major Might over wild fires and other Class A fires requires much less water than the one recommended for the integration of different combustibles.

Major Might eliminates pathogens inside water meters as a result of lead stereates which produce stomach cancer to people who cook with the water from the meters.The lead stereates also produce blue babies among other maladies.

 It converts lypids inside grease traps into water after 30 days of a 4 ounce application through the kitchen faucet of a restaurant every evening before closing time.

Major Might complies with the main requisites the water utility of Puerto Rico(PRWSA) places upon grease trap additives used to clean the island’s grease traps.
This additives are:

1- Not causing emulsification

2- Holding steady at a ph of 6.9(water is 7.00).

3- Not toxic because of its enviropure nature.

Major might is capable of remediating the Greenpoint oil spill over Newton Creek in Brooklyn.

The instant Major Might is applied to the tornasol effect over newton creek shown in this page the top of the creek will turn white and such water will be descending to the bottom of the creek without consequence. The white water effect shown over the tornasol reflection will avert the conversion of the oil into water with a small amount of hydrocarbons that would need testing later on. The application of a surfactant with microbes which is the usual way of remediating oil spils in bodies of water will produce in a short period of time toxicity in the water. Over the last century between 17 and 30 milion gallons of oil were spilled and leaked from Exxon mobil’s historic refinery and storage facilities into the soil and ground water in Greenpoint Brooklyn. The spill has been oozing under Greenpoint for 5 decades destroying the local aquifer, rendering more than 50 acres of land undevelopable, settling under more than 100 homes on 3 residential blocks while, severely contaminating Newton Creek and threatening aquatic life harbor–wide.


Germ Jolt broke the carbohydrates in the blood of a young diabetes patient securing the break-up of the carbohydrate in less than 15 days

It has also eliminated the fibromyalgia presence in the sleep and daily operations of a young woman. The testimony of a COPD patient who attained the cure for COVID 19 in less than 5 days while at the hospital is available.

Germ Jolt has the power to break the hydrocarbon strains which hold together encapsulated viruses. All encapsulated viruses have active S proteins bound to the hydrocarbon domain which when broken destroy the break-up of the virus in 5 days with a 10 drop ingestion of the juice of your choice after that time elapses.

Germ Jolt procures the break-up of the following encapsulated viruses:

Respiratory Illnesses


(Sars cov-2)



Anthropod Borne Pathogens

(Lyme disease)





RNA Viruses

(Ebola Hemorragic Fever)      

(Hepatitis (B?) & C)




Epstein barr 

Guillen barre 



Chicken pox

Monkey pox

Multiple sclerosis


Facial herpes zoste


Germ jolt can provide inmunity for all encapsulated viruses shown here after a 10 drop a day ingestion of juice for 60 days occurs in an adult.

Cancer cells dissapeared in Central America patients under the presence of Germ Golt after 90 days. This process is known as adoptosis. The suggested dosage for ingestion with juice in children is 5 drops a day, and 2 drops a day in water for dogs and cats.


Cream Toucher Soyeux

This cream eliminates wrinkles, skin stains,ulcers and fungi over the skin. It is the only cream that contains natural hyaluronic acid found in citric and soy int a higher concentration than the creams that contain synthetic hyaluronic acid which act as weak humidifier

Tick-Put-Out kills ticks upon contact thus inhibiting in humans anthropod borne diseases which result from encapsulated bacteria like lyme disease. Germ Jolt has proven to break -up encapsulated viruses like Lyme disease resulting from the bacteria known as Borillia Burgdorferi originated in Ticks.

Recently vast plaques of spotted lanternfly have been observed eating up peach trees in Brooklyn. Even though these insects prefer the sap of fruit trees over the skin of humans our scientists know that if the trees and all other plants are irrigated with a strong botanical product like Tick-Put-Out which has been blended with citric terpenes,coconut amines and soy esters the dragonflies will perish upon contact. No worry to humans!

The Germinator inhibits the presence of E-coli, Vre and Msra in vegetables and in interior and exterior surroundings. Hospitals in Puerto Rico use it to eliminate strong held together bacteria in hospital bathrooms.